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  About Bhavnagar

The history of Bhavnagar goes back a lot further then the city itself. It begins in the 12th-13th century, when the Gohil Rajputs of the Surya Vanshi clan, facing severe competition in Marwar, moved down to the Gujarat coast and finally settled at Gogha port, near present-day Bhavnagar. In those turbulent times, holding onto a port was not easy, and constant skirmishes, battles and disputes with neighbours, their capital changed often, until they decided on Sihor, in the rugged hills, where they set up capital.

Bhavnagar was founded by Bhavsinhji Gohil, the rulers of Sihor in 1723 AD. It was the time of persistent Maratha raids of the States of Saurashtra. During one such raid the Maratha army under Pilaji Gaekwad took the chiefs of Lathi and Gariadhar as hostages due to their inability to pay tribute. Bhavsinhji joined these chiefs and made good their excape after a heroic fight. Aware of the reprisal that this defiance was to invite, Bhavsinhji decided to shift his capital from Sihor. With the twin objective of taking advantage of the sea as a defensive measure and to secure the advantages of maritime trade, he selected a site near the coast which came to be known as Bhavnagar. The prompt suppression of the Kolis' piracy boosted the confidence of the traders and the city soon grew into a thriving port. The last princely ruler Late Sir Krishnakumarsinhji handed over the administration of his State to the people's representative in 1948 on the advice of Gandhiji.